10) Someone’s got to check to see if the Fox News Channel works in the Governor’s office.

9) Susan Del Money can’t let any more big Democrat donors slide on their tax bills.

8) Gregoire’s vendetta against Fifth Legislative District voters ends here and now!

7) Jay and Trudi Inslee — just too cute a couple. They don’t need all that Govenor business coming in-between them.

6) The Mullet’s been out for years. Don’t bring it back.

5) Bill Gates will give you $1 million if you don’t vote for Senator Rosemary McAuliffe

4) Show the Olympian editorial board that there are still a few Republicans who can run the state.

3) Free Dicks Burger for anyone who turns in an all-Republican ballot.* Free soy slab for any all-Democrat ballots.

2) Three decades of Democrat control in Olympia have led us to Honey Boo Boo.

And the top reason to vote Republican this year:

1) Show Ramtha that his 35,000 year-old Lemurian money isn’t welcome here!


[* All kidding aside, veterans of our armed forces will be getting their lunch paid for by Dick’s Drive-in Restaurants this coming Sunday, Veterans Day, Nov. 11. From the press release we received from Dick’s:

Seattle – Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. announced today free burgers, fries, and sodas in honor of Veterans Day, Sunday, Nov. 11. Any burger on the menu including the famous, quarter-pound Dick’s Deluxe, plus an order of, Dick’s hand-cut fries and a 16 ounce soda will be served free throughout the day at all 6 Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants to any veteran or active military member as a way to honor past and present military service.

“It’s a full-meal thank you,” says Jim Spady, vice president of Dick’s Drive-Ins and son of namesake and co-founder Dick Spady. “In the past we’ve celebrated Veterans Day with free cheeseburgers, but this year we wanted to do more. Nothing compares to the great sacrifice of our veterans and the level of service expressed by our men and women in uniform. They deserve our recognition and gratitude.”

Beginning at 10:30 a.m. until closing on Sunday, Nov. 11, all veteran and active duty military members who can show any form of military identification or wear their military uniform will receive one free burger, plus fries, and a regular-sized soda at all 6 Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants at the Wallingford, Broadway, Holman Road, Lake City, Queen Anne, and Edmonds locations.