Launching today, The NW Daily Marker becomes a new voice in the local media, reporting and commenting on the important state, local, and national issues for residents of Washington and Oregon.

Featuring writing on politics and culture from a group of exceptional contributors from around the Northwest region, The NW Daily Marker will strive to entertain and inform local readers.

The NW Daily Marker boasts of a commitment to ethical journalism and a dedication to encouraging rich political conversation through a variety of features built into their reader-friendly website.

The Marker Mission
“Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it is more interesting.”
– William Randolph Hearst

The NW Daily Marker aims to incite readers to think about critical state, local and national issues by offering incisive, fact-driven articles and commentary. By fusing high ethical standards with the distinctive writing styles of The Marker’s growing list of contributors, it will earn its spot as a respected member of the local media community.

More detail on The Marker’s raison d’être can be found on the About Us page on the website.

clip_image004One Stop for Northwest Tweets

At all times, there is a conversation in and about the Northwest and it is taking place at the speed of Twitter.

Via The Marker’s sidebar, readers can see a moving timeline of tweets from a custom-compiled list of prominent voices and outlets in Northwest media, culture, and politics.

The NW Daily Marker adds its own voice to the Twitter chatter via @NWDailyMarker.

Taking The Marker Mobile

The NW Daily Marker offers readers a simple version of the site for use on smartphones and other mobile devices. Tablet users will typically still receive the same rich version of the site as if viewing through a desktop browser.

Facebook-Synchronous Comments

In addition to a traditional comment section for dialogue between readers, The NW Daily Marker also integrates an application to draw non-Marker readers into the conversation. When a reader uses the Facebook comment app to post their reaction to a Marker article, the discussion carries over to the reader’s Facebook page.

Designed for Reader Interactivityclip_image008

In addition to readers’ comments, The NW Daily Marker offers multiple tools for giving a stamp of approval to The Marker’s informative and engaging writing.

Google +1 and Facebook ‘Like’ buttons are included at the top of each article; a palette of additional social media sharing buttons (Twitter, e-mail, Digg, Stumbleupon) are available at the bottom.

Readers are also encouraged to subscribe to The NW Daily Marker’s Facebook page.

Ad-friendly, Not Ad-Heavy

Content is The NW Daily Marker’s focus. Our uncomplicated layout has been designed with balance in mind, offering high visibility for our advertisers without compromising the readability of our articles.

The Human Element Behind the Site

The NW Daily Marker is published by Bryan Myrick, who recently functioned as the West U.S. Editor for Red County. Myrick has been writing about state and national politics for Red County and other websites since 2008 and has been a lifelong Northwest resident.