What has happened to Democrats in the race to control the Washington state Senate?  Democrats have seemingly gone stark-raving mad.

They have spoon-fed their followers with false theories that Republicans are waging war against various identity groups.  As part of this strategy they have whipped some of their party members into a frenzy  to maximize turn-out.  Unfortunately, some Democrats have actually believed the fictions their party has been preaching and have acted out in violent and ugly ways.

Just as disturbing are the Democrat leaders who believe that their party’s agenda is so vital to the well -being of Washingtonians, that it justifies improperly using taxpayer money to maintain their grip on power.

A look at the frontlines of the Democrat disintegration:


In the Vancouver-based 49th district, a Democrat is waging his own, personal war against women.

Gary K. Owen, 50, pleaded guilty to harassment, a gross misdemeanor, and was just sentenced to jail time.  Why?  He was upset that he had received mail from Eileen Qutub, the Republican candidate for the state Senate.

In his first email, Owen said, “I would rather put a bullet in your stupid pathetic Republican (expletive) brain than vote for you. Being a Republican and a woman you have no right ever speaking or having an opinion about anything.”

In his second email, Owen said, “I will hunt you down and shove your spam junk mail flier (explicit description) with a hot poker!”

Reprehensible, and his abhorrent speech shouldn’t be attached to the entire Democrat party.  But wait, there’s more.


JZ Knight, is a major Democrat funder of the Washington state Senate, the state party and President Obama.  Behind closed doors she has been promoting Democrat candidates through vitriolic diatribes against various groups:

“F*** you,  you Catholics, you a**holes…. I take your f***ing faith on [holds up both hands with middle fingers extended in obscene gesture]…We will come on you you in a terror… …We will bring the Peter –St. Peter’s temple down and we will swallow it in the sea. [Assembled crowd cheers wildly].  [Catholicism is a] F***ing, absolute G*d damned, demon-possessed, religion of the earth.

“[Your children?] wanted you to be wealthy and you gave it up to a f***ing Jew.

 “All gay men were once Catholic women.”

State Democrats were fine accepting the JZ Knight money as long as Ramtha was just spewing hate speech against Catholics, Jews and gays.  However, the posting of a video against Latino voters was just too much for many Democrats:

 “The invasion of the Mexicans who just breed like rabbits.  They are poison.  I’m telling you this.  Every G*d damned Mexican family is a Catholic. They’re breeding like f***ing rabbits….All Mexicans are not worthy of conscious thought….”

Grudgingly—and only after repeated calls for them to do so–Democrats pledged to return the Ramtha hate dollars.  Some—like LD 02 (Second Legislative District) Senate candidate Bruce Lachney—only budged after repeated calls to him pointing out the hateful intolerance behind the dollars.

And now it turns out that that the state Democrat party pledge to return their $70,000 in Ramtha funds is a sleight of hand.  The D’s are refusing to take the money out of their hard money account.  So Democrat state Senate candidates like Lachney,  Mark Mullet (LD 02), Mary Margaret Haugen (02) and Tim Probst (LD 17) are still benefitting from the Ramtha money.  Until the party does the right thing and donates money from its hard dollar account, all of their supported candidates are still beneficiaries of these Ramtha hate dollars.


Finally, recent document releases have uncovered the depths that Democrats will stoop to hold onto power in the Senate.  Governor Gregoire has been shown to have participated in a scheme to use over a million taxpayer dollars to assist Mark Mullet the Democrat Senate candidate in the fifth legislative district in east King county.

Two years ago, Gregoire used taxpayer funds to provide a state job to Susan Delbene after her last losing campaign.  Everyone knew it was a just a state-provided cushion until her next run for office.  That was bad.  But this year Gregoire has made it even worse.

The Governor offered a million dollar job to a candidate even her staff concluded wasn’t qualified.  This was to open up a Senate seat for Mullet – a fellow Democrat who, like Gregorie, is a fan of income taxes and other “new revenues.”  This is a new low for Gregoire and a shockingly unethical use of taxpayer money.

Mullet’s response to this travesty:  proudly featuring the former Senator– who Governor Gregoire bought off–in his commercials and mailers.


Washington state Democrat behavior this year has been stunningly appalling.  It’s hard to believe that they could possibly do anything worse.  But based on their actions so far, Washington state Democrats seem to have developed a unique ability to offend and outrage.


Senator Mark Schoesler represents the 9th Legislative District and is Chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee. He can be reached at mschoesler@yahoo.org or 509-660-7667.