10) Department of Ecology Director would drive a truck, eat red meat, hold a water right and use traditional light bulbs.

9) Someone in Olympia will actually know where wheat comes from.

8) Understand that Washtucna isn’t about “washing your tucna.”

7) State holiday to celebrate Spokane still the second largest city ahead of Tacoma.

6) More pivots would help grow more alfalfa, not help the Oklahoma Thunder win games.

5) Clarence Dill? 1935? 77 years? Really?

4) If division between east and west not bridged, eastern Washingtonians would be left eating beef, bread, apples, potatoes and asparagus. Western Washingtonians would be left with seaweed and cedar bark.

3) If we turn off our dams, nuclear power and wind plants, Seattle will have to burn hemp for fuel.

2) Suggest that the grain elevator in Starbuck, WA would be replicated in west side coffee shops.

1) Electing a Republican Governor at least once every three decades will make sure Eastern, Washington does not form its own state.