Based in the peaceful Western Washington suburb of Bothell, Wash., the NW Daily Marker is a journal of the current events in politics and culture important to the people of the Pacific Northwest.

The NW Daily Marker is fortunate to draw on a community of talented local writers and experts to deliver incisive and thoughtful commentary and analysis on the issues affecting our distinctive American region. Our publication aims to meet American news tycoon William Randolph Hearst’s standard of being “conspicuously accurate in everything.” As Hearst said, “Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it is more interesting.”

As a result of our commitment to high quality content, within three months of being launched NW Daily Marker was included as one of the four “best state-based political blogs” in Washington State by The Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza, who writes for the political blog “The Fix.”

Prominent state and government affairs firm Stateside Associates also recognized NW Daily Marker as one its two best state politics blogs in Washington State alongside The Seattle Times’ “Politics Northwest” blog.

Our mission is to deliver facts and commentary to our readers as a means for stimulating a more robust conversation in the public-at-large. We live in a time that one conservative new media phenom correctly describes as a “renaissance of investigative journalism and participatory democracy.” The free range environment of the Internet – a “come as you are” universe of alternative viewpoints – has provided a much-needed contrast to the traditional media. We at the NW Daily Marker believe that a media organization should have a point of view, but we also believe that the power of civil conversation is at the heart of improving the civic condition of the communities in which we all live.

Advocating a particular point of view, however, should never trump higher responsibilities to ethics and intellectual honesty. In an age when communication is decentralizing at an accelerating pace, the burden of responsibly handling information falls on the shoulders of new media entrepreneurs. We take the responsibility very seriously.

We are committed to forging friendly relationships with contributors who can provide challenging positions on the issues, and we welcome unsolicited contributions. (For more details about our contributor guidelines, see Write For Us.) The friction of competing ideas fuels the fire in which to forge strong solutions.

NW Daily Marker was founded in 2011 by Bryan Myrick who adds this new publication to a body of work in the field of communications and his credits writing on national and local politics since 2008. He has been a featured contributor at Red County, and served for a time as the site’s West Regional Editor.

Our Pledge to Ethical Journalism

In addition to adhering to the precepts of the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, the NW Daily Marker has pledged to a set of ethics created by the Washington News Council and known as the TAO of Journalism Pledge. The TAO circumscribes policies and procedures designed to ensure that reporting is Transparent, Accountable, and Open, three values we believe should be promoted in journalism as well as in government.