Bill Clinton played sax. Obama sang. McKenna danced.

We’re not talking about a conservative waltz, either. Republican candidate for Washington state governor Rob McKenna and wife Marilyn McKenna heated up the stage at a Korean Day Celebration in Seattle this weekend with a hip-shaking round of “Gangnam style” dancing.

No joking—if Washington state voters are looking for a First Couple who likes to have a good time, the McKenna’s were seen to be a) surprisingly good dancers and b) having a lot of fun.
Play the video below and judge for yourself:

No word on whether McKenna’s Democratic gubernatorial opponent Jay Inslee will release his own dance video between now and Election Day.

The “Gangnam Style” dance has become an international sensation, made popular by Korean rapper Psy who recorded the song of the same name. If you’ve been on a deserted island (or Amish) for the past several weeks, here’s the video that started it all: