I know one of the big criticisms of the tax reform bill is that the GOP moved it too fast and without enough input from the left. Then again, when doesn’t the left criticize what the GOP is doing?

As with any major policy overhaul, there are hairs to split if we choose to do so. But sometimes moving quickly to bring relief to a nation of overburdened taxpayers is more apropos than sitting quietly together and fretting over whose feelings are going to be hurt because they weren’t consulted early enough, long enough or just plain enough.

Two facts jump out at me as the tax reform debate rages. The first being that our tax code needs an update yesterday. The major reforms put in place by President Reagan were well suited to that time and economy…over thirty years ago. So yes, it is time for some codified tax reform and yes, the Republicans are in charge while it happens.

The other fact is big-D Democratic policies are bad for business. Any economic philosophy that champions government participation and depends on the government as a competent and key player is bound to fail, usually to the tune of billions of taxpayer dollars. A conservative approach is by definition pro-growth and pro-people. As a business owner (a few times over) and entrepreneur, I know firsthand what it takes to run a business well. I can tell you that spending what amounts to weeks of time and tens of thousands of dollars to comply with a tax code written a decade before cell phones were even a thing (they came into widespread use in 1996, for you younger readers) is not any business owner’s idea of best practices. The tax code needs to be simpler. Taxes on small businesses need to be lower. The current tax code doesn’t account for either of those so guess what? Time for some tax reform.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the bedrock of the American economy. If we want to keep America great domestically and as an international economic powerhouse, we need to make changes that pave the way for this to happen. I’m not saying government needs to make a way, I’m saying government needs to get out of its own way. The GOP tax reform plan will loosen the vise grip our tax code has on the throats of American businesses. More room to breathe in business means more hiring, more investment in our businesses, more goods and services produced to the benefit of all. Yes, even to the benefit of a government that will still be collecting taxes from these thriving, expanding businesses and their employees.

Conservative values result in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Conservative values are driving this tax reform and conservative values will win the day when Congress votes on its final passage and sends the bill to the president. Representatives Reichert, Herrera Beutler, Newhouse and McMorris Rodgers deserve credit for supporting this package, and I hope they’ll stay on board as the final package emerges in the next few days.  Conservative values don’t depend on the approval, applause or even the participation of the left.