(Note: The Young Republicans of Washington did not endorse in this race. Mr. Wallace’s viewpoints are his own, though two previous statewide YR Chairman have also endorsed Luanne.)

Questions for a WSRP Chair

First off, I have a few questions for any prospective WSRP Chair:

  1. How much are they helping Jan Angel?  That is THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for this year.
  2. Can they win the hearts and minds of the youth to build this party going into 2016?
  3. Will they commit to data harvesting and micro targeting operations for our state party?
  4. Can they take advantage of 2014 being a non-statewide, non US Senate cycle for the state of Washington to rebuild the party – from the ground up and not from the top-down?
  5. Will they go on the attack to win, using the truth?
  6. When did you affiliate with the Republican Party?  I know of at least one candidate who declared 4 years ago that they’d never affiliated with a political party.

Why the first and last question are the most important.

I’d like to know – what have they done SO FAR to help Jan Angel get elected?  I don’t want a promise to help in that race.  I want a track record.

What I don’t want –is a WSRP chair that cares more about the name on the back of the jersey than the front, so to speak.  I don’t want a WSRP chair that spends the first few weeks on the job explaining when they became a Republican after proclaiming so loudly that they’d never affiliated with a party.

That statement was made July 19, 2009 by one of the candidates.  Do your own research; I won’t say who it is in this venue.  We need someone not afraid of the Republican name.  That’s something we can ALL agree on.  As a matter of fact – that’s the beginning of the conversation.

The winning formula: PB+D>C

Next, we need a chair that understands what PB+D>C is.

For you non political geeks – it’s simple.

P is the probability that you can affect outcome with your vote.

B is the benefit of who you support – candidate or party – if elected.

D is internal motivators.  Drivers, we’ll call them.

C is the cost to vote.  This is time, etc.


  1. We need to get the word out about races like Buys, Zeiger, and Olson in order to drive up the perception of “P”.
  2. We need to not only positively define our candidate – but negatively define the opponent.  We need CONTRAST between our candidates and the ones the Dem’s run against us.  Without that contrast – B is zero.  For those of you who failed math – any number multiplied by zero IS zero.  That leaves civic duty and personal satisfaction as drivers.  We can’t let the opponent negatively define us.  Dems are good at this – we are not and we need to be.

Where does this leave us?

When I apply this set of criteria – I say vote for Luanne Van Werven.

This is only a personal endorsement – not the endorsement of the Washington Young Republicans Federation.  However – I was elected to that role because of the trust placed in my judgment to determine how to best grow, train and deploy the organization.

As an aside – I was able to meet Jan Angel right here in Whatcom County.  As a matter of fact, Luanne Van Werven co- hosted the event.  I don’t know if the other candidates for WSRP chair have yet held an event for Jan Angel, or even if they intend to.

It isn’t just me.

It isn’t just me – the Young Republicans State President prior to me – Daniel Turner who is on his way to Grad School at Hillsdale college just earlier today endorsed Luanne for Chair.  The Young Republicans State President prior to him – Jeremy Jasman – from Odessa Washington, who grew up on a family farm – has also endorsed her earlier today.

That’s 3 diverse consecutive statewide executives of Young Republicans – all endorsing Luanne Van Werven.  Isn’t that unity?

The three of us support Luanne Van Werven.


Join the current as well as last two Young Republican State Presidents in supporting Luanne Van Werven for WSRP chair.  Then, look up and call your county’s voting members – Chair, State Committeeman and State Committeewoman and let them know to do the same.

We deserve a winning party.  Luanne’s leadership swept the 42nd legislative district.  It’s time to use that winning blueprint statewide.