GOPElephant_on_donkeyCommentaryBullet1. FUNDRAISING! – Fundraising to elect Republican candidates and to promote the Republican platform message is the most important party of the WSRP chairman’s job.  Fundraising and organizing the GOTV effort (Get Out The Vote) are hard work, behind the scenes.  Not exciting, but essential.  Teamwork with the State House and State Senate GOP caucuses is essential.

2. PARTY UNITY! – The Republican Party is strongest and most unified when it sticks to conservative policies and principles – limited government, gun rights, individual liberty, property rights, right to life, low taxes, border security, strong national defense, and religious freedom.  On the other hand, Republicans have disagreements (on immigration, abortion, foreign policy, marriage, etc.) and we must tolerate and accept dissent and debate and minority points of view.

3. FARM TEAM! – Development of future candidates for the State Legislature (and eventually statewide and federal offices) is a key responsibility of the WSRP chairman.  Also, the WSRP chairman should work closely with the county parties in their development of future candidates (city council, county council, school board, etc.).

4. MOTIVATION! – In addition to the above, the WSRP chair needs to play an important role in motivating and exciting the grassroots party activists.  In our state, there is great pressure on Republicans to cave in to the progressives on various aspects of our conservative principles – social conservatism, fiscal conservatism, national security conservatism.  Caving in demoralizes the grassroots activists and hurts our GOTV efforts; standing strong on the full spectrum of our platform is the best way to energize party supporters and promote our candidates and platform.