All Republicans – conservative, moderate, or libertarian – should be able to agree that a strong fundraising effort is needed to promote the Republican platform, elect Republican candidates, and aggressively battle the Democrats and the liberal media.  Excellent and proven fundraising ability is an absolute requirement for the next chair of the Washington State Republican Party.

Last week, when Kirby Wilbur resigned as WSRP Chair, the Seattle Times reported that Susan Hutchison was giving consideration to running for the position.  “I think there is a lot to be done, and it requires someone who is dynamic, understands the territory and the state and can raise money and bring people together….  It is not a good thing that our city, our county, and our state have become one-party dominated,” she told the interviewer.

Susan Hutchison would make an excellent party chair, and I hope she decides to seek the WSRP leadership.  She has proven extraordinary fundraising skills, and is an effective communicator – well known throughout the state for her more than 20 years as a TV news anchor.


Given the challenges facing our state and nation, and given the WSRP’s recent electoral and financial setbacks, we can’t just keep going on our current path.  Instead of a routine transition, we need a dynamic change and a fresh approach.

Susan’s 2009 campaign for County Executive in deep blue King County, although not ultimately victorious, deserves praise and recognition.  It is an accepted benchmark that to win a major statewide race (Governor, U.S. Senate), a GOP candidate must receive at least 40% of the vote in King County.

Hutchison received 41% of the vote in the general election (after placing first in the primary).  No GOP candidate for Governor, U.S. Senate, or King County Executive has achieved that result since 1994 – not Dino Rossi in his three statewide campaigns, not Rob McKenna in his gubernatorial campaign; and not Nethercutt, McGavick, or Baumgartner.


In my recent article, “The Next WSRP Chair: Four Requirements” ( ), I wrote, “Fundraising to elect Republican candidates and to promote the Republican platform message is the most important party of the WSRP chairman’s job.  Fundraising [is] hard work, behind the scenes.  Not exciting, but essential.”

In his op ed piece in the August 7 Everett Herald, Rob McKenna identified fundraising as one of the “three key skills” needed by the next WSRP chair.  “The ability to raise the money necessary to successfully implement these infrastructure and communications efforts,” McKenna wrote. “There’s nothing glamorous about this task — it requires hard work, persistence and a fundraising track record.” ( )

Concerning the centrality of fundraising, I’m right and Rob’s right.  And Susan Hutchison is right for the job,


Matt Dubin, chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus of King County, has stated, “No more can we afford to let the state Democrats and the media define us. We must vocally and continually call them on their lies and misrepresentations of Republicans. When they portray us as cold and uncaring, or as pawns for the big banks and corporations, we have a moral obligation to correct them. We must aggressively get our message directly to the voters of Washington.”

Matt’s right – we need to battle the Democrats aggressively, in liberal-dominated King County and in every county throughout the state.  And Susan Hutchison is right for the job.

The Democrats are not content with dominating Seattle – they want to extend their control to the entire state.  We need someone who is media savvy, with excellent fundraising ability, and who knows the importance of uniting all Republicans – conservative, moderate, and libertarian – to promote our message of freedom, economic growth, lower taxes, and limited government.

Susan Hutchison is right for the job – she has my support and endorsement.  The GOP State Committee should elect  Susan Hutcison as the next WSRP Chair.