State Sen. Doug Ericksen, 42nd Leg. Dist.-Ferndale
State Sen. Doug Ericksen, 42nd Leg. Dist.-Ferndale

The new bipartisan Majority Coalition Caucus in the Washington State Senate is injecting fresh life and solutions into the hallowed halls of the Capitol Dome. This new majority believes there is a better way forward in Olympia and we are dedicated to giving you the government you deserve.

As the Majority Coalition Caucus Chair of the newly constituted Senate Energy & Telecommunications Committee, I will focus on three areas:

  • Reducing energy costs
  • Creating energy-sector jobs
  • Encouraging new energy technologies

By channeling the new vitality of the Senate and an incoming governor committed to bold action, we can create an energy vision for the future grounded in the technological and scientific realities of today.

The people of Washington deserve an energy plan based upon the fundamental goals of reducing energy costs and increasing energy jobs. Energy policy and job creation go hand-in-hand. We’re always looking to improve our state’s business climate, but one area we excel is our low-cost energy.  We must not move backwards on this.

Beyond creating jobs, energy production is directly linked to our environment. I get it and that’s why I have created “New Energy Friday” in the Energy & Telecommunications Committee. During the upcoming legislative session, every Friday will be dedicated to new energy sources. We will examine what works, what doesn’t, and how different energy pathways will impact costs to families and job creators and the health of our environment. It will be a time to learn and to set a course for a better energy future.

The simple truth is that nothing is more fundamental to our modern society than the production and distribution of energy. To put it into perspective, if the SR 520 floating bridge were to sink tomorrow or if Vancouver was cut off from Portland by road failure, we would be able to adapt and find alternate routes. If our energy system fails, society would cease to function in a matter of days.

Our government and elected leaders can play an important role in moving us forward. There was a time in our history when partisan differences were put aside and big ideas became reality. People of vision utilizing windows of opportunity allowed America to be brought together by the intercontinental railroad. It’s what enabled the Columbia River to power your morning coffee. And it’s how interstate highways came to move our economy.

Great things can be accomplished when leaders with vision utilize windows of opportunity. A new window is opening. Let’s get to work.

Senator Doug Ericksen, GOP-Ferndale, is the Majority Coalition Caucus Chair of the Senate Energy & Telecommunications Committee