BipartisanWith almost all of the legislative Republicans on the record in support of providing the voters an opportunity to consider a supermajority for taxes constitutional amendment, are there any Democrats that believe the voters should have this chance?

Based on the results of our legislative survey we know that at least Rep. Hurst (D-31), Sen. Sheldon (D-35) and the new Senate “Coalition Caucus” leader Sen. Tom (D-48) think that after the voters’ fifth approval for this policy a constitutional amendment should be sent to the voters.

Judging solely from the legislative district breakdown for the vote on I-1185, here are the other potential Democrat sponsors, assuming of course they support the position of their constituents:

  • District 17 (72%): Rep. Stonier
  • District 25 (71%): Rep. Morrell
  • District 19 (70%): Sen. Hatfield, Rep. Takko, and Rep. Blake
  • District 47 (70%): Rep. Sullivan
  • District 26 (69.5%): Sen. Kilmer and Rep. Seaquist
  • District 35 (69%): Rep. Haigh
  • District 44 (69%): Sen. Hobbs and Rep. Dunshee
  • District 5 (68%): Sen. Mullet
  • District 29 (68%): Sen. Conway, Rep. Sawyer and Rep. Kirby
  • District 30 (68%): Sen. Eide and Rep. Freeman
  • District 38 (67%): Sen. Harper, Rep. McCoy and Rep. Sells
  • District 49 (67%): Sen. Cleveland, Rep. Wylie and Rep. Moeller
  • District 3 (66%): Sen. Billing, Rep. Riccelli and Rep. Ormbsy
  • District 24 (66%): Sen. Hargrove, Rep. Van De Wege and Rep. Tharinger
  • District 28 (65%): Rep. Green
  • District 1 (64%): Sen. McAuliffe, Rep. Stanford and Rep. Moscoso
  • District 33 (64%): Sen. Keiser, Rep. Orwall and Rep. Upthegrove
  • District 21 (63%): Sen. Shin, Rep. Helen Roberts and Rep. Lilas
  • District 45 (63%): Rep. Goodman and Rep. Springer
  • District 11 (62%): Sen. Hasegawa, Rep. Hudgins and Rep. Bergquist
  • District 41 (61%): Rep. Maxwell and Rep. Clibborn
  • District 23 (60%): Sen. Rolfes, Rep. Appleton and Rep. Hansen
  • District 27 (60%): Sen. Darneille, Rep. Jinkins and Rep. Fey
  • District 48 (60%): Rep. Hunter and Rep. Habib
  • District 32 (55%): Sen. Chase, Rep. Ryu and Rep. Kagi
  • District 40 (55%): Sen. Ranker, Rep. Lytton and Rep. Morris
  • District 22 (54%): Sen. Fraser, Rep. Reykdal and Rep. Hunt

We’ll know in the coming months whether the nearly 20 year consistent message on this policy from voters has been received yet.

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[Reprinted with permission from the Washington Policy Center blog; featured photo credit: Daquella manera]