Media Matters darling Gabriel Sherman gets it wrong again. As he did with the Karl Rove story last week (link here to the Breitbart story), Sherman assembles a controversy out of thin air order to further his anti-News Corp. vendetta.

In his latest piece in the New York Magazine, Sherman reports on an email from a Fox News Channel producer concerning one show, saying it is too soon after the shootings at Newtown to discuss the politics of gun control. Gabriel inflates this email into a network wide ban on discussing the topic; then somehow infers from there that Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes are at odds over the issue.

Once again he manufactures a story of supposed internal dissent amongst his boogeyman News Corp., conveniently without attribution. What better way to tout the superiority of your views than to report that half of your ideological opponents are in agreement with you, and then report that they are debating the other half, all according to “sources”. This is apparently what passes for journalism these days.