Another case of Democratic staffers going wild has broken out within the Washington State Democratic congressional caucus, or to be precise on the campaign of the 1st Congressional District’s premature evacuator–Democratic candidate for Washington State governor Jay Inslee.

Some of our readers will surely recall that last year, the story of alcohol-infused tweeting and unsupervised mayhem by three staffers working in the Washington, D.C. office of Congressman Rick Larsen (D, WA-2) broke right here on the pages of NW Daily Marker, traveled around the globe, resurfacing recently in a new ad attacking Larsen in his bid for re-election.

Earlier this week the staff gaffe tally increased by one when aDemocratic staffer associated with U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell’s campaign for re-election landed his boss in hot water over a tweet and satirical photo some felt was offensive to Asian-Americans.

Now, a Facebook comment posted earlier this summer by George Rowe–an intern working former Congressman Jay Inslee’s gubernatorial campaign, and prophetically featured as “Intern Profile #13” on the ‘Interns for Inslee’ Facebook page–is the latest damaging remark to surface in a string of social media indiscretions by Democrat underlings.

In response to a Facebook user’s status post that lamented a “weak” answer from Inslee on the question of whether he would raise taxes to support education, the dutiful intern Rowe stepped up to offer an explanation.

Rowe wrote, “You don’t win on a platform of raising taxes, you win and then do it anyway.”

The emphasis above was added by me, but the context is all contained in the screengrab of the Facebook conversation. Rowe’s “lie until you’re elected” philosophy garnered 12 likes.

Rowe’s post, however, is distinct from other gaffes because it is not crass or racially offensive but because it may prompt further inquiry into what position his boss would take on raising taxes if he is elected governor this November.

Certainly, a case of careless keyboarding by an intern cannot be taken as anything like an official statement of Inslee’s position for raising taxes on Washingtonians. What does Inslee have to say on his own behalf? Verbally, not much, but his body language on the issue seems to say he’s hiding the secret that Rowe let slip. View the clip below and judge for yourself. Attorney General Rob McKenna is talking for most of the clip, but keep your eye on Inslee.

That’s not your best poker face, Congressman Inslee.