Opportunities for candidates to be satired are everywhere. Smart politicians know how to avoid them; the rest fall prey, often oblivious until it’s too late. When it happens, the accidental humor can be, well, delectable.

Democratic candidate for Washington State governor Jay Inslee appears to have landed in just such a moment of accidental humor today when triumphantly sharing the gift of a rare newspaper endorsement with his Facebook and Twitter followers.

The endorsement came from Seattle’s extreme left-wing weekly The Stranger, and Inslee should have taken a few moments to casually inspect the fine print etched into his prize before setting off on a victory lap.

After all, is there any real value to The Stranger’s stamp of approval? Just what sort of high bar did Inslee have to leap over to nab the endorsement of a paper with the lowest standards in all of Washington State media?

The first sentence of The Stranger’s primary election endorsement roundup says everything you need to know about the benchmark Inslee met to win their praise:

We agree.