TACOMA, Wash. — It’s official. No Paul insurgency at Washington State’s Republican Party convention, despite the ardent desires and hard work of many of his supporters.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will swing through the Evergreen State Monday, two days after winning 37 of Washington’s 43 voting delegates for the presidential nomination.

Congressman Ron Paul added only five delegates to his tote board, perhaps signalling a slowing of momentum in his campaign’s push to win Congressman Ron Paul enough clout to speak at the Republican National Convention in August.

One lone Washington State delegate will vote for Rick Santorum on the first presidential nominating ballot at the Tampa convention.

For the rest of the country, Romney’s win of a landslide share of delegates in Washington State after already sealing his bid for the Republican nomination by winning Tuesday’s Texas state primary could be seen as icing on the cake.

Most of the state’s delegates were elected Friday when congressional district caucuses voted to select three delegates each. Saturday’s proceedings finished the party’s work by choosing 10 at-large delegates, an election that proved to be a complete sweep for Romney.

The three remaining members of the state delegation to the national convention are Washington State Republican Party Chair Kirby Wilbur, National Committeewoman Fredi Simpson, and National Committeeman Jeff Kent, all of whom have pledged support for Romney.

The names of the at-large delegates elected (in order of vote counts) are: 1-Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, 2-Dino Rossi, 3-Trina Wilbur, 4-Marcy Collins, 5-Jack Hamilton, 6-Luanne VanWerven, 7-Brian Heywood, 8-Hossein Khoram, 9-David Nelson, and 10-State Sen. Pam Roach.

If the measure of Paul’s support within the state party can be determined by the vote counts in the at-large balloting, a sea change is still a long way off.

The highest vote-getter who supported Paul was State Rep. Cary Condotta with 511 votes of 1419 ballots, but even then missed the 10-delegate cut by 232 votes. After Condotta, the tallies for delegates candidates preferring Paul dropped off sharply.

See the full results at Tacoma2012.com the Washington State Republican Party’s official website for convention balloting.