Two-time Democratic congressional candidate Darcy Burner is used to boiling her own pot of hot water to bathe in, it now appears she has drawn another steeping tub of it this election season with Twitter messages made last year saying President Barack Obama is not liberal enough to be considered a Democrat.

On Tuesday, Seattle-based liberal blog Publicola published up the first of the tweets Burner made in August of last year while she was working for Progressive Congress, a liberal activist group, in D.C., a snarky pullback of her support for Obama in 2008:

Another tweet—also from August 2011—appeared in an article filed at The Seattle Times:

If Burner’s jabs at the commander-in-chief seem capricious, consider the irony of a tweet from December 2011 in which she implies progressives could learn the value of unity:

[Note: Burner’s hoodied profile image is a recent feature on her Twitter account.]

Without a doubt, calling the supreme head of one’s own party the “R”-word is bound to earn Burner a trip to the principal’s office, especially considering she is still earning her way out of the Democratic hoosegow for numerous blunders made during consecutive challenges to Congressman Dave Reichert in 2006 and 2008.

Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz issued a stern warning to Burner through The Seattle Times:

“I expect more than that from a Democratic candidate for Congress in Washington,” Pelz said.

He argued Obama has been a “staunch advocate for the progressive values shared by Democrats in our state — from ending the war in Iraq to finally passing health insurance reform, to saving the auto industry, to fighting for the middle class.”

Added Pelz: “Darcy needs to make it clear that she is part of the Democratic Team in Washington State.”