That’s what a visibly irritated Governor Gregoire said during a March 15 press conference:

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According to the Office of Financial Management, however, that figure was based on the Governor’s November budget being implemented as proposed. With changes in caseloads, the revenue forecast and actions taken in December the savings lost figure isn’t that high but there is a cost with each day’s delay without a budget.

We are now in day 189 since the Governor called on lawmakers to balance the budget. Discussions of yet another special session are already in full force.

Here are my notes of the Governor’s comments from her press conference today:

  • Progress has been made on the budget but they’re not done
  • They’re trying to put the entire budget agreement together
  • 6 major issues need to be resolved
  • Next 48hrs they could have an agreement or fall apart
  • She abhors the rumors of another special session
  • Revenue is definitely part of the discussion including taxes but nothing that would be sent to the ballot
  • Her goal is for everything to be done by Good Friday – timeline to accomplish this is very short
  • Issues remaining are both policy and revenue
  • She will veto 2 bills today in entirety


[Reprinted from the Washington Policy Center blog]