As the 2012 campaign season ramps up, the gubernatorial race here in Washington between Republican Rob McKenna and Democrat Progressive Jay Inslee is already in full swing. One area that both campaigns have taken to in attempting to get their message out to voters is new media, especially the realms of Facebook and Twitter.

Curiously enough, I, as an almost omnipresent Twitter user, noticed Inslee seemed to be pretty buddy buddy on Twitter with a group known as Working Washington (@WorkingWA).

For more detail on Working Washington, you can take a gander at their website here or read an investigative article NW Daily Marker ran last August. As the article points out, if one does a little research on the secretive Working Washington, one is able to connect some dots and find that, the group is a community agitator front group for labor union giant Service Employees International Union (SEIU). If one also looks at some of Inslee’s tweets over the last few months, it appears that the congressman is fully in bed with both Working Washington and SEIU.

The last tweet is especially interesting. There you have Inslee “re-tweeting” the Working Washington profile. Now often times on Twitter, people will put the disclaimer that “RT’s do not equal endorsement”, which Inslee does have on his profile page. Regardless, the consistent messaging of creating a “Working Washington”, combined with that RT, leads one to wonder what exactly Inslee’s connection to Working Washington could possibly be.

Now we come back to the August NW Daily Marker article that makes the case that Working Washington is a front group for SEIU. With that knowledge in mind, let’s take a gander at candidate Inslee’s campaign contributors so far in this election cycle. If you click here, you’ll find Inslee’s contributors. Note that at number four is SEIU, with a contribution of $5,000.

So, now we have a gubernatorial candidate openly associating with and using the messaging of, a group that does things like this, spouts hate about corporations like this, and does downright ludicrous things like this.

Buckle up, folks. 2012 is going to be a weird, weird election year. Godspeed to us all.