The Washington State Redistricting Commission failed to produce new maps for congressional and legislative districts by the close of 2011 and will reconvene this morning for one last day of talks to try and beat the legal deadline of midnight January 1st.

A new proposal for Eastern Washington’s legislative districts was presented late Saturday, just before the commission adjourned shortly after 10:00 p.m. Although demographic data was not posted to the commission website, the shape of boundaries can be observed to support information from a source on the commission that there has been some compromise made on differences between House Democratic appointee Dean Foster and House Republican appointee Tom Huff on how to represent the growing Hispanic population in Yakima’s 15th legislative district.

Saturday’s debate was also said to have shifted to the 3rd legislative district in Spokane, the home of Democratic Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown, according to a source on the commission. The 3rd legislative district has been a redoubt for Democrats in Eastern Washington, sitting as it surrounded by solid Republican territory.

The commission’s Sunday morning meeting reconvened at 10:40am and the members and staff are expected to work as long as necessary to submit new maps to the state legislature and avoid handing the entire process over to the State Supreme Court.


[photo credit: Sister72]