Charles McCray III, current press secretary to Congressman Dave Reichert (R, WA-8), will leave his job on the Hill to be communications director on Rob McKenna’s gubernatorial campaign in Washington State, sources in both offices have confirmed.

Reichert chief of staff Jeff Harvey confirmed that McCray’s last day on the congressman’s staff will be January 15th after which time McKenna campaign manager Randy Pepple tells us McCray will receive a thick communications portfolio.

“[W]e are thrilled to be bringing on an experienced professional to communicate Rob’s vision for a New Direction for Washington State,” Pepple said.

On a campaign that is expected to receive a greater-than-normal amount of media attention because of the a solid opportunity for a party switch in the governor’s office, Pepple envisions an active role for his new comms pro.

“Charles will be talking with the media and to voters every day, helping improve our ability to share Rob’s focus on private-sector job creation, improving and innovating in our public schools, and streamlining state government,” Pepple said.

According to Harvey, Reichert regrets losing a key staffer who has been with him since 2008, but is excited for McCray’s opportunity to help elect a Republican governor.

“The congressman thinks very highly of the attorney general,” Harvey said, adding that McCray brings a wealth of policy experience and knowledge about the 8th congressional district to the McKenna campaign.

Harvey could not offer details about how long it might take to find a replacement for McCray and would only confirm that they are interviewing several potential prospects to fill the position.


[photo credit: goesberlin]