The Washington State Redistricting Commission presented its maps this morning at an open session in Olympia, and NW Daily Marker has obtained the proposals submitted by House-appointed Commissioner Tom Huff. The maps presented by Huff and the three other commissioners will be available on the Redistricting Commision website at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday. Check back with NW Daily Marker for complete analysis of the redistricting proposals later today.

The images below are compressed to fit on our page, but you may click on any of the maps below for a full-size image.

Of particular interest is Huff’s proposal to situate the new 10th Congressional District in South King County, a plan that would recognize a district with a majority population of minorities. Fellow Republican commissioner Slade Gorton included a similar plan, as did Democratic commissioner Tim Ceis. Senate Democratic appointee Dean Foster did not include a majority-minority congressional district in his proposal.