On the eve of what for many will be a solemn remembrance of a terrible attack against America, elements of what has been known as the “9/11 Truth” movement are alive and well and getting active support from at least two Washington State Democratic county parties.

A local 9/11 Truther will be a VIP guest Sunday when Island County Democrats and the local chapter of MoveOn co-host a meeting of “interested progressives to socialize and share thoughts about 9/11,” according to the South Whidbey Record.

Though the event organizers are not publishing an itinerary for the day’s activities, planners were happy to spotlight one notable attendee, former Island County Democratic Party chair now local representative for the Truther movement, Marshall Goldberg. From the South Whidbey Record:

Though the event has no structured speakers or itinerary, Krez highlighted Marshall Goldberg as another interesting MoveOn member. Goldberg is also a listed local contact for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group that petitions for an independent investigation of the World Trade Center destruction.

The group called Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth promotes the idea that a conspiracy exists within the U.S. government regarding the events that took place on September 11th, 2011. Specifically, despite ample video evidence showing two passenger jets slamming into Towers 1 and 2 of the World Trade Center, the group continues to suggest that a planned, deliberate demolition was the real cause of their collapse and the ultimate death of 2,606 civilians and public safety personnel in New York City.

Though the timing of Democrats giving a platform to 9/11 conspiracists on the actual tenth anniversary of the event may be uniquely offensive to some, it is not the first time this week that Democrats in Washington State have laid out the welcome mat for Goldberg and his theories.

Goldberg’s name also appears on the Skagit County Democratic Party calendar of events. What was it that Skagit County Democrats were tacitly endorsing? A sneak preview of a new film purporting to show new evidence supportive of the claims of the group Goldberg represents. The screening was scheduled for this past Thursday in Burlington, Wash.


[photo credit: B Rosen]