If Republicans were like 1960s liberals, there would be an aural avalanche of poems and folk songs, each protesting the shocking war on jobs the Obama administration seems to be waging. We would hear the sweet refrain, an echo of Seeger’s and Baez’ lament, asking, “Where have all the good jobs gone?”

Republicans are not liberals, but the rapid research and communications group formed by Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) – the team at GOPLabs who some are calling a “think-and-do tank” – has crafted another visually striking and fact-filled statement about the economic quagmire that threatens to drag the U.S. further down.

The latest infographic from GOPLabs is a sharp condemnation of the real culprit that threatens to keep the U.S. down – five job-killing regulations proposed by the Obama administration that GOPLabs contends would put millions more Americans on the unemployment line.

Oh, those progressives. Oh, when will they ever learn?


[image courtesy of @GOPLabs]