GOPLabs, a team that is swiftly gaining a reputation as Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ “think-and-do” tank in the Capitol, has generated an assessment of Pres. Barack Obama’s progress on job creation.

Though Obama continues to beg for extra chances as he leans into a heavy schedule of political campaigning in advance of next year’s election, the facts about poor job growth continue to drive down his job approval numbers. Today’s report that the U.S. poverty rate is now at the highest point since 1993 is one more troubling data point voters will consider when grading Obama’s performance.

If judging the results of economic policy were like the Olympics, Obama could call on the East German judge for a lift. But as it stand, facts are facts, and the statistics brought to bear by GOPLabs are difficult to mitigate after more than two years of executive ineffectiveness.


[image courtesy of @GOPLabs]