Did you guys see this Bloomberg poll showing that only 30% of Americans are willing to re-elect Obama? Or what about this one showing Americans’ lack of confidence in Obama’s handling of the economy? What about his disapproval numbers?

Don’t you dare fall for the trap that many conservatives will fall for. Many on our side are likely feeling a rush of excitement…tasting victory in 2012. After all, this one is in the bag, right? People are finally seeing through the charade created by the phantom menace news media, right? Not so fast.

We must never underestimate President Obama’s volunteer “grass-tops” activists in the media. That’s right, I said, “grass-tops.” In contrast to the grassroots movements like the Tea Party, made up of boots-on-the-ground citizen volunteers motivated by constitutional principles to bring more accountability to government, the “grasstops” activists are paid media outlets who have their very credibility on the line if Obama fails in his re-election bid. They are motivated by what they see as a morally superior vision for the country. They see themselves as protecting America from the unsophisticated masses who still cling to their guns and religion.

Using their professional access to mass media, let’s watch how they kick into gear in the coming months, as more and more polls show that Americans are no longer willing to drink the Obama-as-the-Saviour koolaid. Their desperation will show itself.

I can see a MAD TV skit depicting this: In the famous war room of the White House, Dave Axelrod is organizing the President’s chief strategy team. He’s on a conference call with an unconfirmed cadre of supporters. Axelrod unwittingly identifies them as he delegates duties: “OK folks, it’s time to scramble the President’s PR team: Reuters, AP, MSNBC and CBS… we need Presidential hero stories, ASAP. Get the President camping with his kids and make sure you’re there to film him dragging somebody out of the river and performing CPR. ABC, 60 Minutes, NY Times: you need to start interviewing Bachman’s foster children and find one who’s willing to sell her out as a Leona Helmsley type foster mom. While you’re at it, see if you can get Hollywood to do a TV movie or docudrama about those crazy Mormon beliefs about the traditional, homophobic family….then make sure to run a Mitt Romney: “I’m a Mormon first,” kind of feature in Time mag. Questions? People…failure is not option. Now get to work!” Click.

Don’t laugh–it could happen. While we continue to get laughed at for recognizing the truth about President Obama: namely that his career is completely a media created phenomenon, the facts speak for themselves. What other politician could vault from obscurity to the U.S. Presidency in such a short time with so little vetting? He served a mere two years in the Senate, much of it served while on the Presidential campaign trail, with no significant legislation to his name, no private sector experience, and no executive or leadership positions. He has no military experience. His most successful ventures were the books he wrote about his favorite subject, himself. And for some inexplicable reason, the media continues to hunt down and harass not his former opponent, John McCain, but his former opponent’s running mate for Vice-President. They have an insatiable appetite for Sarah Palin and yet absolutely NO curiosity, interest or motivation to keep tabs on the most powerful person in the world.

It’s stunning that more Americans can’t see this fabricated Presidency for what it is. It’s disheartening that the mass media has voluntarily participated in this public relations project, abandoning the spirit of the First Amendment, intended to keep politicians and our government accountable to the citizens.

Now that polls are revealing the failure of this concentrated media effort to maintain a clear majority of American support for the President, I cannot imagine that they will sit silently and allow their ideological messiah to suffer his just rewards. Who cares about the litany of failed foreign and domestic policy decisions, his amateur leadership style, self-indulgent lifestyle and complete abdication of accountability? Without a second term, Ameria will never get to be as cool as Europe!

Remember all those Hollywood movies during the Clinton years that featured heartwarming and courageous stories about fictional American President characters? Harrison Ford in “Air Force One,” Kevin Kline in “Dave” and then of course Martin Sheen’s TV Presidency in “West Wing” were all romantic, dashing and thoughtful depictions of the man in the Oval Office. I would expect to start seeing some of these hero movies again soon.

Just watch in the coming months as they dig up what they think will scare the American people away from choosing a new direction in 2012. Expect to see a parade of victims claiming Paul Ryan’s plan will prevent their blind children from seeing again or a trail of “aggrieved” former employees, foster children, or neglected puppies wailing from their hovels and makeshift tents under bridges, blaming one or all of the GOP candidates for their harsh and “unAmerican” values. Remember the “epidemic” of homelessness under Reagan? Homeless vets under Bush?

Get ready for the ride. We in the blogosphere need to double down in our own counter-efforts. It’s not the era of Bill Clinton anymore. It’s the era of Drudge, Fox News, and Breitbart. Very well, then. Bring it on.


[Reprinted from RedCounty.com with permission of author.]

[photo credit: flickr]